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Jordan Valley dinner and play pack the house (Malheur Enterprise-n)


About 150 people showed up Sunday for theater in the remote community of Jordan Valley as the high school drama club staged an original production, “Ode to the Outhouse.” Loosely based on the history of Jordan Valley, the play was written by Penny Larrusea and Tara Echave.

Lotura: Malheur Enterprise

Performing were high school drama students Emilee Burch, Taylor Warn, Michaela Stoddart, Abby Green, Wade Raine, Tina Gammett and Shaianne Keller. They were joined by 11 extras from varying grades in the Jordan Valley School District.

They included Ryann Skinner, Claire Collins, Kyndra Williams, Christopher Mackenzie, Grady Johnsrud, Jill Gammett, Kaitlyn Stoddart, Shailee Rutan, Josie Lisle, Oksana Hodsdon and Halle Burch.

Earlier in the school year, the drama club performed at a patriotic theater program for elementary students at Pleasant Valley, Arock and Jordan Valley, said Echave.

Echave, who helps organize the theater events, said the drama club tries to hold four performances a year. 

“We usually to do our dinner theaters on Sunday night and around Valentine’s Day,” said Echave, who typically starts planning the events six months in advance.

Echave said the club is gearing up to host another dinner theater event in May.

“We’re doing a Basque dinner theater, and it’s going to be a play about American Basque people who go back to Spain and do a layover in Australia,” said Echave

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